Have you found your purpose?

My daughter recently asked me: “Let’s say massage and reiki have disappeared from our world, 300 years from now. What would you do?”

What kind of world is that?! No more healing?! I thought. Then I realized that she was asking about what job I would be doing. Without hesitating, I replied that I’d write books. “Then, why don’t you try now?” My other daughter nodded: “Yes, because you’ll be dead in 300 years anyway.” Very. Good. Point!

Can you ask yourself the same insightful question? And welcome an honest answer? As adults we have learned to find many reasons not to fulfill a dream, not to follow a passion, not to live our purpose. Because we need to make a living. Because our dream is too big. Because it’s too late. Because… Because… Do you honestly believe that all of your ‘becauses’ are true?

But what if your younger self could speak? What would she/he tell the grown-up that you are now? Your inner child is that part of you that has no ‘because’, no self-limitations, no fear. Your inner child is your True Self. And all she/he wants is to fulfill her/his life purpose, be happy and free to be who she/he is.

I had a passion for writing stories when I was in middle school, and it reappeared on my Vision Board a year ago. Sometimes, our ideal purpose is dormant and needs to be awakened. Sometimes we need to scratch the surface to discover that it’s still here, fully alive.

If you feel a need to reconnect with your forgotten dream or passion, your purpose, I invite you to try a visualization exercise with your younger self (scroll down).

I’ll leave you with the last paragraph of a poem written by my daughter:


Visualization exercise with your younger self:

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take a few minutes to relax your body and start with a few slow, deep breaths – letting your body know that you are entering into a more relaxed state.

When you feel relaxed and centered, visualize yourself entering a beautiful, lush garden. You can see trees, flowers, birds… Anything you would find in the garden of your dream. Spend some time enjoying being in that nurturing garden, looking at the nature surrounding you, smelling flowers, hearing birds, feeling the light breeze. When you are ready, find a secluded space – a place where you feel safe, calm and at peace. Sit there.

Now visualize a child entering the garden – she/he maybe really young, or maybe it’s a teenager. As you welcome this child inside your garden, you notice that she/he actually is a younger version of you. When you feel ready, start engaging with your younger self. Maybe you see yourself playing or doing some activity together, maybe you are engaged in a conversation, maybe she/he is showing you images. Whatever the connection is between you two, silently observe what is taking place. Take your time. And welcome any piece of information that is offered to you.

When you feel that the interaction is coming to a close, ask your younger self if she/he has a last message, a word of wisdom or a gift to offer your adult self. You may offer your younger self something in return. When you feel complete thank yourself and your inner child for coming to spend time with you today.

You may complete this visualization exercise by saying the following affirmation aloud or in your mind:

“I accept to receive guidance on my passions, dreams and gifts. The gift of Purpose is awakening in me, and I welcome it in my heart. Passion shows me my purpose, in the perfect time and the perfect way. Thank you.”

Take a few deep breaths to complete the exercise, and slowly open your eyes. Feel free to write down the information, visions or messages you have received.

Please contact me if you would like to receive a free audio file of this meditation.

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