Why healing your Inner Child?

Within all of us is a child. A child full of hope, joy and innocence. We first see the life through the eyes of a little child and that inner child remains with us all our life – no matter how grown-up we’ve become. If our younger self was hurt, shamed, or neglected that child’s hurt and grief may still live within us. Sometimes, she/he needs to be healed or ‘re-awaken’ so that we can live fully our life as an adult – free of hurt, guilt and shame. 

In my experience working with adults who suffered from childhood traumas (small or big, it doesn’t matter), healing their inner child was key to help with issues of selfworthlove and relationshipsdepression, and enjoying life in general.

Healing the wounds of the past allows you to connect to the innocence and joy that preceded the pain. It simply means that you free yourself from the past. And by freeing yourself, you live more fully in the present.

With Reiki and myofascial release, we can access that memory or wound that still lie dormant in your body if it wasn’t properly processed at the time. We can help release and heal it once and for all, so that your joyful and creative inner child leads you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

So, are you ready to re-awaken your joyful younger self? You can start today by making time for daily play, looking at everything with fresh eyes, being more carefree and light-hearted… Or simply live in the present moment – kids are really good at that. 

Below are two tools to reconnect with your Inner Child:

A letter from your inner child

Settle in a quiet and nurturing space. First, close your eyes and take a few minutes to relax, clear your mind and ground yourself. Take a few deep breaths, if you need to. Before starting to write, you may set an intention such as “Writing a letter from my 6-year old self” or “ Listening to me at 10 years old” or simply “Connecting with my inner child”.

With a piece of paper and pen, start writing whatever is coming through your head. Don’t worry about grammar or making complete sentences. The goal is to let your inner child take over and write what she/he has to say. 

You may just be writing words, incomplete sentences, or even things that don’t make sense. It’s OK! You are simply making a connection with the child within you, and she/he is expressing what she/he needs from you, the Grown-up.

You may be surprised and amazed by what your younger self wants. Sometimes the list of demands is long… or strange. It could be as simple as running in a meadow, eating ice cream, doing a cannon ball in the pool, dancing in a pretty dress… Or she/he could be asking for your help to heal a wound from the past, or even give you a piece of advice.

In theses letters, your younger self sometimes wants you to know how she/he was feeling at the time – looking for a compassionate person who will listen (yes, you can listen to her/him!). After your letter is written, take some time to read it. If your younger self has given you things to do – maybe it’s time to go ahead and do them! You may gain of lot of insights from writing and reading a letter from your Inner Child.


Inner child meditation

Find a quiet, comfortable place to rest in a seated position. Take a few moments to connect with your breath.

When you feel ready, you may say inwardly or out loud:

  • While inhaling: I see myself at age 6.
  • While exhaling: I am smiling with compassion to the 6-year old in me.

You may repeat these sentences a few times. If you decide to visualize yourself at that age, after a moment you may get closer to your younger self. Maybe you can talk to him/her, or even hold your 6-year old in your arms. Whatever image presents itself before your mind’s eyes, welcome that image as a sign of deeper connection with your younger self.

This blog post is dedicated to Jamie Bateman, nature and animal lover, explorer and adventurer of Life. May your beautiful soul rest in peace.




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