Fall: Release Please!

Ready to release and become lighter?

On Equinox day, I was attending a class with Sergio Magaña, an internationally-renowned healer and teacher from the Toltec tradition. During the various exercises we did, one word kept ringing through my ears: RELEASE. And it sounded so nice with a Spanish accent 🙂

The Autumnal Equinox is a time to let anything in your life fall away – anything that is no longer useful or needed for who you are NOW. When we let go of some things –relationships, objects, emotions, perceptions or mental blocks – we give away something from the past and we make room for something new. And we ultimately allow ourselves to bring forth new opportunities.

On an energetic level, these internal things can block or deplete the flow of energy in your body, creating fatigue, stress, physical pain or feeling of being stuck. The good news is that when I work with your body, I can help release whatever is holding you back – old blocks, emotions, memories and thought patterns  in a gentle and nurturing way.

Maybe you are thinking “well, easier said than done”. Yes, it is sometimes scary to let something go. But remember that your mind LOVES to challenge you. Other good news: You can challenge your mind too! So, why not starting to challenge it with trust and faith?

So, maybe this fall you can look at your:

  • Material possessions: Be honest with yourself – which one can be given away, which one are you holding onto ‘just in case’, ‘because I may need it one day’? Maybe this is time to clear your home, office or closet?


  • Relationships: Is this relationship serving my highest good? Is this relationship balanced – am I giving and receiving at the same time? Are my boundaries with this person healthy? Do I feel controlled? Does this relationship feel authentic? Relationships change over time and it’s sometimes OK to let them go.


  • Emotions: Are you repressing or resisting an emotion that you would label negative (such as anger, sadness, frustration, shame, etc)? My advice is quite simple: Feel it. Connect with your body, feel the emotion come up. Offer no resistance. The emotion will pass, just like a wave. And it will pass a lot quicker than when you try to push it away.


  • Mental blocks: The first step is be aware of your own thoughts, or the stories you create in your head. Sometimes those stories seem to make complete sense, but they don’t really have a root – they come from past experiences, or memories. So, ask yourself: am I creating a story in my head?

With release comes a sense of being much lighter. Are you ready to embrace fall and become lighter?

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