It’s all about Reiki. Workshops. Meditation

As a Reiki Master, I teach and mentor people who want to learn how to work with Reiki energy, whether for personal fulfillment or to support the healing of others. So, whether you are an experienced bodyworker or a complete stranger to the energy world, you can take a Reiki class and practice in our quarterly reiki circle.

Why workshops? I’ve always witnessed profound changes during workshops – whether I was attending or teaching. There is something unique about being part of a group that allows for personal growth and transformation – maybe it’s because each person is fully supported by every group member. So, I enjoy sharing the self-development and healing tools that have worked well for my clients and myself.

Meditation is a very useful tool to stay grounded, centered and at peace with everything that is happening in the outside world. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, or if you need time for yourself to rejuvenate and relax, come join us in our monthly meditation circles.

To register for a class or if you would like for more information, please connect with me.