Loving-kindness meditation & sound experience

When: Wednesday, December 6th. 6:30-7:30 pm. $20

The holiday season has started! Why not take the time to relax, practice self-care, love & compassion during a special Loving Kindness Evening?

The purpose of the evening is to connect with ourselves with compassion and openness. Loving-kindness meditation (often called ‘metta’ meditation) is a great way to cultivate our disposition for kindness towards ourselves and others.

During this evening, you will:

  • Set your intention
  • Be guided in a loving-kindness meditation
  • Practice a self-love exercise
  • Be immersed in some nurturing, relaxing music

In the article “18 science-based reasons to try loving kindness meditation” benefits of metta meditation include: well-being, increasing positive emotions, healing physical symptoms, emotional intelligence in the brain, stress response, social connection, self-love.

People who are new to meditation are welcome!

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