Clear blocks and align with your purpose

When we keep repeating the same pattern, often there’s an underlying block that may have its roots deep in our unconscious. Intuitive healing can help clear the way. Anxiety, fatigue and unexplained health problems can sometimes be related to being out of step with what you are called to do. Intuitive healing sessions can help provide clarity.


How I Work

In my experience helping a broad range of people struggling with everything from anxiety to difficult life transitions to relationship challenges, the things that keep us stuck are often hidden underneath the surface and hard to shift by thinking and talking. When we bypass the conscious mind and work directly with the body, we can release old blocks, emotions, memories and thought patterns much more easily and gently. I like to think of what I do as “hands-on” therapy.

I help release whatever is holding you back by listening intuitively to your body (it does talk and only tells the truth!) by incorporating a mix of Reiki energy work and Myofascial Release bodywork into my sessions. In my years of practice helping people make deep, lasting transformation—along with training and study— I’ve found these techniques to be most effective for helping people heal deeply on all levels—mind/body/spirit.

I am an intuitive healer, which means that I let my hands guide me and I receive insights about your life and your healing. I hear messages, feel emotions and see images and/or scenes from the past. These insights are priceless—they allow us to identify what needs to be healed for long-lasting changes in your life.

Each session is different—when I put my hands on you, they tell me what I need to know to best help you.


How Sessions Work

Check-in: We’ll start by discussing what’s going on and your intentions – physical, emotional, mental and/or energetic.

Hands-on Healing: You’ll lie fully clothed on a massage table with a warm blanket and quiet music in the background. While you are relaxing with your eyes closed, I connect and listen to your body. You’ll feel me place my hands gently on different parts of your body and you may sense energy flowing through your body. You may experience sensations of heat, cold or tingling. You may see colors or images. You may fall asleep. The experience varies by the person and session. The healing is taking place in your body.

If Distance Healing:  During a remote session, I use specific Reiki techniques to send energy healing. Although this concept may be difficult to grasp, sending Reiki is possible because energy is not confined and can transcend time and space.

Feedback: After the healing, I’ll share with you the insights I gained during the session. This information may relate to: energetic imbalances, unprocessed emotions, relationship insights, past events needing healing, messages from your higher self. This feedback will bring awareness to areas that need healing, and also help us keep track of your healing progress.

Afterwards: Every session is different. You might feel continue to feel relaxed or you may feel a burst of energy. You may find that you have new insights, thoughts or feelings – this is a normal part of the healing process.



Hands-on 80-minute session: $155

includes 60 minutes of hands-on healing, 10 minutes check-in and 20 minutes feedback.

Distant healing session: 75-min Initial  $135 / 60-min Follow-up: $110.

includes 30 minutes of remote healing, 10 minutes check-in and 20 minutes feedback.



Book a Session


MARINA: 3661 Buchanan St., 3rd floor (Tuesdays Fridays)

DISTANT HEALING: via Skype or FaceTime.


Cancellations and Payment

Please give 24-hour notice if unable to keep scheduled appointment. Payment by cash, check, card or Venmo. Gift certificates available.