“I really appreciate Caroline’s gentle and caring approach to the reiki session we had. Although I’ve had a little bit of reiki done before, it wasn’t quite as extensive as the session I had with Caroline. She is a powerful healer. She was thorough in asking questions beforehand and setting the energetic intentions for the therapy. It’s hard to describe reiki, as it is a different experience for everyone. Essentially, it’s a technique to channel energy by means of touch to activate your body’s natural healing processes in restoring your physical and emotional well-being.

Beginning with my forehead, Caroline laid her healing hands and held the space for me to release the energy I no longer needed. Most of us aren’t even aware of the baggage we carry around with us daily. In letting go, we clear the path for good energy to flow through. After the session, I felt lighter and free, as if a weight has been lifted from my body. I highly recommend doing reiki on a regular basis, and working with a certified practitioner like Caroline, who has extensive experience working with people to heal whatever is holding you back in life. Since my visit with her, I’ve embarked on a promising new relationship and career.” Amy L. Tech Consultant


“I had never experienced reiki until I broke my back. After I shattered and compressed my L2 and damaged several disks in a snowboarding accident, I was in very bad shape. On top of my physical pain and limitations, I was suffering mentally. And massage wasn’t an option. But Caroline came to visit me. Caroline not only has the ability to zero in on areas that need healing, she has a very calm and compassionate demeanor to make clients feel very at ease. At first, she barely touched me but rather sent energy to certain areas. I feel very good about Caroline’s healing powers and highly recommend her. During a very dark time in my life, visits from Caroline were bright spots. She is amazing and well worth checking out.” Diane A., Publicist


“I’m so blessed to have found Caroline! She’s an incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive healer. I had such a magical experience during my session with her. She awakened and activated parts of me that were life changing. I also received wonderful intuitive feedback after the session that was very accurate and helpful. Caroline gave me advice on things I could do to continue working with myself to allow greater personal growth. It truly moved me more than words can describe. Many thanks to this beautiful soul.” Athena Z., Business Owner


“Caroline is a highly skilled, informed, intuitive and aware Reiki practitioner and bodyworker. My personal Reiki practice and process has deepened and strengthened as a result of spending time in session with Caroline. Her heartfelt presence leaves me feeling seen, understood, and profoundly grateful.” Erika S, Somatic Therapist


“Caroline has a unique gift for honing in on specific points in your body that lead to a deep emotional release. I’m not sure exactly how she does it, but after every session I emerge refreshed, with new insights into longstanding issues. Working with Caroline, I shifted from a place of self-doubt and uncertainty to an empowered sense of purpose and motivation. Next time you find yourself craving expert intuitive guidance, I highly recommend you book a session!” Noam S., Massage Therapist


“Caroline shares her gift of healing with professionalism and joy. Her passion for the healing art of Reiki shines through from the first moment I spoke with her. My first session with Caroline was excellent. Her office location is convenient to my home and work. The atmosphere is quiet, relaxed and simple. I received a warm welcome from Caroline when I arrived and felt instantly comfortable. We talked for a few minutes and then had a profound Reiki experience. I was deeply relaxed the whole time and arrived at a meditative state for most of the hour. This was my first Reiki session too! Afterwards, Caroline and I spoke about the session and I beamed out of the office. The effects were lasting, uplifting and peaceful. She is a talented practitioner who I highly recommend.” Natalie M., Yoga Instructor