I received a warm welcome from Caroline when I arrived and felt instantly comfortable. We talked for a few minutes and then had a profound Reiki experience. I was deeply relaxed the whole time and arrived at a meditative state for most of the hour. Afterwards, Caroline and I spoke about the session and I … Continue reading Natalie M., Yoga Instructor

Natalie M., Yoga Instructor

Caroline is a powerful healer. After the session, I felt lighter and free, as if a weight has been lifted from my body. Since my visit with her, I’ve embarked on a promising new relationship and career.

Amy L., Tech Consultant

After I shattered and compressed my L2 and damaged several disks in a snowboarding accident, I was in very bad shape. On top of my physical pain and limitations, I was suffering mentally. Caroline not only has the ability to zero in on areas that need healing, she has a very calm and compassionate demeanor. … Continue reading Diane A., Publicist

Diane A., Publicist

Caroline has a unique gift for honing in on specific points in your body that lead to a deep emotional release. I'm not sure exactly how she does it, but after every session I emerge refreshed, with new insights into longstanding issues. Working with Caroline, I shifted from a place of self-doubt and uncertainty to … Continue reading Noam S., Massage Therapist

Noam S., Massage Therapist

Caroline is a highly skilled, informed, intuitive and aware Reiki practitioner and bodyworker. My personal Reiki practice and process has deepened and strengthened as a result of spending time in session with Caroline. Her heartfelt presence leaves me feeling seen, understood and profoundly grateful.

Erika S, Somatic Therapist

I'm so blessed to have found Caroline! She's an incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive healer. I had such a magical experience during my session with her. She awakened and activated parts of me that were life changing. Caroline gave me advice on things I could do to continue working with myself to allow greater personal growth.

Athena Z., Business Owner

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